Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The character Dezi in “Speaking in Tongues” seemed like a good guy to start. He saw Tia sitting alone in McDonald’s and left money to pay for her meal. Dezi figured out that Tia had no where to go, and offered her a place to stay and fix her wound she got after sleeping in an unlocked car the night before. When they arrived at the apartment, he handed out money to all of the little kids harassing him.

After a while, Dezi’s charm began to wear off and we found out his true motives for being nice. The whole time Dezi was just trying to get Tia to become one of his prostitutes. He had told Tia she was beautiful to try to lure her to his apartment. When he gave money to the kids he was probably just paying them to keep their mouths shut about his true intentions. Tia almost left once, but was easily lured back with roses. When they returned home after that, Dezi tried to rape her.

I think Dezi’s behavior was a regular routine for him. He preyed on desperate girls like Tia who had just run away from home and had no money. Dezi offered her a place to stay, and it was hard to turn down. His eventual goal was to make her work as one of his prostitutes. Other clues that this was a routine were that he told her that he liked to take care of girls like her. The kids said that Dezi had a new woman when he first brought Tia home. Also, the prostitutes were willing to help Tia get out probably because Dezi had did the same trick to them, and they were trying to stop it from happening again.


  1. OK Dezi seriously is a huge jerk!!!! Poor tia for not realizing what he was doing right from the beginning! At first I was like what the heck Tia don't you know better? but the fact was that she didn't and here came along stupid Dezi to take advantage of that. I agree with the fact that he does this very often, and I also agree that his overall goal with Tia was to turn her into a prostitute as well. Great blog :)

  2. I agree that Dezi was using Tia to make her into one of his prostitutes. Another clue I found pointing to this was what Gerard said to Dezi to get money from him. He told Dezi that he would tell if he didn't get any money. Dezi tried to laugh it off but actually gave Gerard the money. I think that Gerard was threatening to tell Tia about what Dezi really wanted with her.

    Your idea about the prostitutes being in Tia's same situation years before is great. I had never thought of that before, but it would make sense because they seemed to genuinely want to help Tia get away. I wonder if the prostitutes came from a similar background as Tia--religious. It seems sketchy that Dezi would pretend to be religious to get Tia's trust. That's really going above and beyond to get what you want. He must work really hard to pick naive girls that are easily manipulated. Anyway, great blog.

  3. I completely agree. It totally seemed like he was just trying to convert another little girl who is to young and innocent to really catch on at the very begining what is happening. Guys like Dezi make me sick and I hope no one I know falls into that kind of a trap.

  4. This is totally true. I agree with everything you had to say. Dezi is such a creeper. The sad thing is this actually happens in real life. Its hard to even imagine what it would be like to be in that situation.